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Kenyan Coffee

Asante Harvest Kenyan Coffee 

Location: (Mt. Kenya Region)

- Nyeri, Kenya 

- Othaya, Kenya


Elevation: 1400m


What's So Special?

Asante Kenyan Coffee grows near the Mt. Kenya region in Nyeri, Kenya. This is the second largest mountain in Africa and is also an area famous for high-quality produce.

We believe in creating awareness and appreciation for producers so all of our Kenyan coffee bags come with a profile about their bean and its source location on the back, here is some more information.


What Makes Kenyan Coffee So Good?!


 the bean belt


Did you know our delicious coffee can only be grown in certain regions? High-quality coffee can be quite delicate and only grows in an environment with the right climate and elevation.

This location is known as the Bean Belt, located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Kenya is proud to be one of the top producers of Arabica coffee beans. Due to Mt. Kenya’s favorable climate and elevation, local producers can produce premium quality AA coffee beans with ease.


Excited for some coffee beans? Here is our current offering:

Asante Specialty Kenyan Coffee :               

                 Light Roast

                 Medium Roast


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