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To spread international awareness of communities producing high-quality products and develop relationships that can enrich their harvest, us the consumers and the mutual appreciation of our shared culture. 

Asante means "Thank You" in Swahili the native language of Kenya.

Asante Harvest's main goal is developing relationships with communities that produce high-quality products and creating awareness and appreciation for their produce.

We believe that our products draw more appreciation when the consumer can relate to the producers and thus 'Asante' is mutual feeling between the consumers of our products and the producers.

Farming is mainly a labor-intensive activity and it takes a lot of hard work to produce agricultural commodities especially in this case where a majority of a community’s coffee comes from private farms where operations may not mechanized.

Through our market linkage program with farmers in Kenya, Asante Harvest links consumers with products directly from the origin. Providing a more consistent income for their harvest, and more appreciation from an international consumer base.
This allows and encourages consumers to learn about their products, know the farmers and their way of life as well as the process involved in making the products available.

Asante Harvest's has future plans to expand to include a rigorous technical assistance support program with coffee farmers that can help them improve their trade. This is just one of the ways we wish to reinvest in the communities we develop relationships with.
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