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Kenyan Coffee Journey 2018 | Asante Harvest Goals

This is my first blog post, I wanted to take some time before doing this so that I could start with something important.

I am new to this sport, but I am full of things to share in regards to the initial success of my new business, along with a peek into my goals for the business and the industry as a whole and a special thanks to those who’ve supported thus far.

I invite you to learn about the Coffee Journey ahead of Asante Harvest! 

Asante Harvest is a specialty coffee business started by myself, Trevor Njeru in 2017. Asante means “Thank You” in Swahili, the native language of Kenya, which is also where I am from. I created this business with a few goals in mind that have continued to evolve over time.

Asante Harvest Goals:

  • Develop Relationship with a Single Origin
  • Spread Awareness of Origin’s Produce
  • Reinvest in Community
  • Repeat the Cycle

 The main goal of Asante Harvest is to create a network that can directly link high-quality products like Specialty Coffee to the international market while ensuring producers receive more value for the fruits of their hard work.  

Coffee Farmer



 Kenyan coffee farmer excited to share his Harvest!








Cultivating Relationships

You must be wondering: “ How are you going to help farmers get more value?”.

  • By developing a relationship with farmers in producing areas and purchasing from cooperatives that provide fair prices for their community of farmers.
  • Then providing a high-quality product and service internationally with a focus on farmer and source recognition.
  • Last but not least is reinvesting in the community to express gratitude with agriculture, market linkage and sustainability programs that help farmers earn more from their trade and protect the environment. As our way of giving thanks (Hence the term “Asante”) and repeat the cycle.



 Let’s face it, you love coffee, I love coffee, everybody loves coffee! Have you ever thought of who to thank for this precious gift, besides the earth? The farmers of course, when we think of coffee and where it comes from coffee shops or coffee brands come to mind before farms. Even those who consider which farm their coffee came from will have a hard time finding their answer.

For whatever reason, they all felt the origin of their coffee did not matter. We could never, in line with our goals to develop strong relationships with different communities of farmers, Asante Harvest’s coffee proudly shares the details of the source location on each bag so that consumers can understand why it is so GREAT.

This spreads awareness amongst consumers about the significant role farmers have in the production of our beloved coffee and opens our minds to sustainability goals. As well it allows consumers to understand how the location coffee grows in affects its great taste.


Farmer Support

 Asante Harvest is full of goals for agriculture, farmers, and sustainability and is still growing to make them possible. A few of our goals for farmer support, include expanding our single origin coffee selection to other countries and developing and funding workshops for farmers in regions where we source.

We see a promising future, whereas our network grows, farmers earn more recognition for their work, more profits for farmers and a more sustainable industry from skills developed through our programs.


Thank You!

 Thank you so much for the overpowering support of everyone who has bought a bag of  Asante Harvest Coffee. There is a lot more details of our goals and plans to come, your support in the meantime helps to make it all possible and we are very grateful.

Every purchase brings these goals closer to a reality and whether you’ve never tried our coffee or you can’t get enough of it, I invite you to the Asante Harvest community. We take pride in being truly different from typical agriculture brands by keeping our community in the loop. Follow us on our journey by subscribing to our blog updates below.

And if you haven’t tried our coffee, pick up a bag from our online store or on Amazon so you can taste what we’ve been talking about!

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